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Controlling Myopia is Possible

The prevalence of myopia is growing at a startling rate, particularly among younger individuals. Myopia, or nearsightedness, can change over time, often requiring full time glasses wear by the time a child reaches adulthood. Fortunately, we have ways of controlling myopia progression that give us hope for the future.

More on Myopia

Myopia is the technical term for nearsightedness. This is due to the shape of the eye being elongated or the cornea being too steep, creating a focal point that is in front of the retina. What this means for the patient is that objects near their faces are clear, while those farther away are more difficult to make out.

The Epidemic of Nearsighted Children

Myopia in children is more common than it has ever been. One of the reasons may be the amount of time spent reading computer screens and studying books. Thankfully, new research and technology have given us new ways to deal with this problem.

Controlling Myopia

The very root of myopia may be able to be controlled, slowing the progression. Control comes in two parts:

  1. Decreasing eye strain
    Single vision distance prescriptions create more eye strain while trying to focus on items at near. Reading at school, viewing computer screens and concentrating on tablets with single focus distance eyewear can force eyes to struggle, making the condition worse.
  2. Reshaping the eye
    A long or steep eye is the reason for myopia and can be tempered with the correct tools. Corneal Reshaping Therapy has given us a new way to make minor, temporary, changes to the eye shape for a more accurate focal point. CRT can slow the progression of myopia.

Multifocal lenses are made with a gradient of prescription strengths to limit eye strain and maximize vision correction. Objects far away appear clear without causing strain when looking at objects close-up. New studies indicate that the best myopia progression control can be achieved through the use of center distance soft multifocal contact lenses.Children can be fit with these lenses starting as young as 6-7 years of age. The choice between types of multifocal contact lenses is dependant on lifestyle, specific eye needs, and personal preference.

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