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Saskatoon, SK / (306) 664-2638

Contact Lens & Fittings

Calling All Contact Lens Wearers in Saskatoon

The right contact lenses should be comfortable enough to wear all day while providing clear vision. Contact lenses are perfect for those with active and busy lifestyles. If you have been turned down as a candidate for contacts in the past, there is a good chance our optometrists have better news for you today.

The Modern Era of Contact Lenses

For contacts to be comfortable and to work properly they must be suited and properly fit to your eyes. Corneas come in different shapes and sizes, and every set of eyes has a distinct level of natural hydration. Our optometrists employ several tests to determine your particular needs so we can ensure your contacts are working for you.

Daily Disposable Lenses

These single use lenses are different from daily wear lenses in one important way: you throw away these lenses every night. The benefit of disposable lenses is the added comfort that comes with wearing new contacts every day. Cleaning lenses is never 100% effective, meaning proteins and deposits build over time. Daily disposables lenses offers the ultimate comfort for sufferers of dry eye and those prone to allergic conjunctivitis.

Toric lenses are the solution for patients with astigmatism. These lenses correct both vertical and horizontal refractions that appear askew. To prevent them from rotating, weights or thicker areas are added to keep them stable which makes a proper contact lens fitting appointment imperative.

For those with myopia or hyperopia in combination with presbyopia, multifocal contact lenses are an incredible asset. A gradient of focal ranges is employed so that variations in eyesight are properly dealt with. Multifocal lenses have made contacts a possibility for a wider range of individuals, particularly those over 40 and children, and are available in daily disposable, biweekly, and monthly.

Myopia is extremely common, especially in kids. Those with nearsightedness have difficulty seeing far away, but their near vision may be fine. Wearing single-focus lenses solves their distance issues but creates strain at near. Straining fatigues the eyes and, in some cases, actually worsens myopia.

Those living with presbyopia will understand the struggle of trying to read text messages, labels, and books. Presbyopia is the common side effect of the natural lens inside the eye losing its flexibility with age, creating hardship when trying to see up-close. Multifocal lenses can restore detailed near sight, without disrupting focus far away.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are very effective, but not always comfortable. Hybrid contacts combine the power of RGP lenses with the comfort of soft lenses. The middle section is rigid, creating sharp focus and UV protection. The outside edge is soft for protection from debris and improved comfort. These lenses are designed for patients with keratoconus and ectasia.

The white portion of your eye is known as the sclera. Typical lenses do not reach past the cornea, while scleral lenses are larger. These lenses are good for patients with dry eye, keratoconus, or those who suffer from light sensitivity. They are also bigger, making them easier to handle and less likely to fall out.

Stonebridge Eyecare is proud to offer direct billing through the following insurance providers:

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • Great West Life
  • iA Financial Group
  • Johnson
  • Johnston Group
  • Manulife
  • Maximum Benefit
  • Sunlife Financial
  • Blue Cross

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